How to change the scan key settings in your Brother Printer?

Brother is a well-renowned name in the printing industry. The company brings in a wide array of printers, each with different specification and diverse specializations. Some of the printers have been manufactured for the home users while others for businesses. The great thing about these Brother printer is that you can even use it as a scanner. ControlCenter4 plays a important role in brother printer while scan setting.


For this, the first step is to install a scanner driver and if the machine or the printer is connected to a network, set it up with a TCP/IP address. Step-by-step process to change the scan key settings in your Brother printer is as follows:

(Please note to change your Brother machine’s settings, you need to take the help of ControlCenter4. If you find any issue accessing the ControlCenter4 then call Brother Printer Support team to receive an immediate solution to the problem.)

How to use ControlCenter4 in Brother Printer :

  1. Follow the below-mentioned path to open ControlCenter4:
    • Start -> All Programs -> Brother -> XYZ (Brother printer model number) -> ControlCenter4
  2. Don’t forget to choose the machine or the specific Brother printer model number you want to use from the drop-down menu available with Model
  3. Choose Device Settings tab and then Device Scan Settings
  4. Select the File tab and from here, you can edit or modify the default Scan key settings
  5. You can change:
    • File Type
    • Name of the file you want to use for the document
    • Location of the default folder for saving the document
    • Scanning resolution
    • Document size
  6. Once you are done with the settings, hit Ok

To initiate the scan using the new settings, follow these steps:

  1. Load your document to the Brother printer
  2. Hit the Scan button
  3. Use the Up or Down arrow keys and select Scan to PC
  4. Hit Ok
  5. Now, again use the Up and Down keys and then select File
  6. Hit Ok
  7. If you are a network user, Press the Up and Down Arrow keys to find the destination computer you want to send your scanned file
  8. Hit Ok
  9. Enter the 4-digit PIN number for the destination computer using the dial pad from the Control Panel
  10. Hit Start and the machine will start Scanning!

For any further help, call Brother printer Tech Support number.

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