How to fix Printing or Scanning issue in Brother Printer?

Brother Printer has built up a certain reputation of their own about the products, value, and quality. And talking about what keep them aside from the queue, is their attempt to keeps pace with the technology. The types of Brother Printer varies from all-in-one to laser and known for their brilliant services provided to their valuable customers.

Brother Printer Printing Scanning issue

But the user may face certain common glitches like they can’t able to print or scan their documents in Brother Printer. The exact reason is unknown but the possibilities are listed below.

Please note– You can anytime contact Brother Printer Support Number to get assistance from the experts for any query on Brother Printer and its models.

Check out the possibilities for the flaws to occur in your Brother Printer

  1. May be all the printer’s protective parts are removed.
  2. The attached cable between the Printer and the computer is loosely connected.
  3. Check whether the Brother Printer or Scanner is installed properly.
  4. If it’s just scanning flaws then check whether the machine is attached with the available IP address. Do anyone of the following as per the versions you’re having-

          For Windows 7

  • Click on the ‘Start’ option from the taskbar.
  • Select ‘All Programs’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Brother Printer’ folder.
  • Select ‘Brother Utilities’.
  • Click on the drop-down list and select the model name you’re handling.
  • Choose ‘Scan’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Scanners and Cameras’.

         For Windows 8-

  • Click on the ‘Brother Utilities’.
  • Select from the drop-down list and select the model you’re using.
  • Choose the option ‘Scan’.
  • Select the ‘Scanners and Cameras’.
  • For Windows 7 and 8-Choose ‘Properties’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Network settings’ tab to confirm the IP address.

Note– Try to print with your Printer if the problem still remains then you need to uninstall the Brother Printer drive and reinstall the same. If you still face issues after performing the suggested task then dial on Brother Printer Technical Support Number to get assistance from the technicians for the same.

  1. Check the other ways to get the positive result-

For a USB cable connection

  • Change the old USB cable connection with the new one.
  • Try to use the different USB port.

For a Wired network connection

  • Change the old LAN cable with the new one.
  • Try to use a different LAN port on your hub.
  • Check whether the machine connection is put into enable mode.

6. If you’re unable to print on both the sides of the paper then you need to change the paper size setting in the Brother Printer driver to letter, legal or folio.

How to Connect Wireless connection or Wi-Fi

  • Check your Printer’s Wi-Fi light status.

Tips– If the Wi-Fi light on the Brother Printer’s Control Panel is blinking then it must be your machine isn’t connected to the WLAN access point. Setup the network connection again.

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