Here is what you need to do with your Brother Printer when it says Media Error

The benefit of printing using a memory card is you can choose multiple media files and command it to your printer. While sending commands, cases may occur that you may observe Media error message on your Brother Printer machine’s display.

media error

There are various possible cases when you encounter the Media error message on your Brother printer’s screen. Causes are mentioned as below:

  • The memory card corrupted
  • The file/ media do not have the supported format. The Digital Print Order Format file on the memory card must validate the format
  • Card in not inserted improperly

Fix the problem if you meet any of the issue mention above and try to print to check if the printer is working proplerly or not. Else, opt to have Brother Printer Help to find the most appropriate fix of the problem.

You may also execute a few steps to troubleshoot the error. Find the instructions as mentioned below:

Steps to fix the Media Error of your Brother Printer:

  1. Take out the inserted memory card(s) from the media drive (slot) safely
  2. Inspect the memory card for any symbols of damage
    • You can insert in your phone to check if it is detecting the card or not
  3. If you find the memory card is working properly in your phone/camera/video device, go on with the steps below.
    • If you are unable to access the media using the camera or video device, you will need to change the memory card
    • Else, reach for Brother Support for further instructions
  4. Unplug the Brother machine and turn off the main power supply
  5. Reconnect it after 30 seconds
  6. Insert the memory card manually in the correct media drive and give a print command

If the printer is giving out the prints without any error, the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, dial up the Brother Printer Tech Support Number and talk off the problem to get an instant and assured fix.

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