How do I make border less print with a Brother Printer?

Brother Printers comes up with the superior features and excellent printing techniques. With these printers, you can also get border less print, which is basically useful for printing parts of large mosaic such as a banner or billboard. It is also best chosen for printing the photographs. With border less printing, you can make scrapbooks and get the most out of a single print.

border less print

To enable this in your Brother printer, which is either connected to the Windows or Mac device, follow the steps given below:


(Before you check out the steps to enable the border less printing the Brother printer, please note that the steps mentioned here for the same may vary depending on the model of the printer.)

  1. Open the Brother printer software in your Windows PC
  2. Select the Print menu from the software
  3. Hit Preferences or Properties
  4. Open the Basic tab or section and check the box in front of the Border less print option

Do remember that if the Paper Size, Print Quality or Media Type settings don’t suit the border less printing standards then the border less feature check box is not there. If you find any problem while turning on this feature then call the Brother Printer Tech Support Phone Number and get an instant support from a technician.

Mac OS X 10.5 or higher versions

To enable this borderless print option in your Brother printer connected to a Mac device, you need to use Preview software. This software will help you print the image as well as PDF files. Check out the stepwise procedure below:

  1. Open the Brother printer interface on your device and select Print from the File menu
  2. Now, check out the Print dialog
  3. Open the Paper size drop-down menu and choose the paper you would like to print the photo or the file on
  4. Now, select Scale to Fit and then Fill Entire Paper

For any further help or to fix an error occurred during this process, call Brother printer support team. An expert from the support team will gladly assist you.


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